Thursday, March 27, 2014

Finally Speaking Up

There is a stigma to telling the truth.  Even in a calm, honest manner.

We stifle our voices often due to upbringing. In order to be nice people, or to avoid making scenes. 

When out voice finally breaks through we are usually chastised for the possibility of bringing shame to ourselves and our family.

I was struggling with a decision tonight.  I always struggle with them. I try to make the safest choice, the one that keeps me from having to listen to other people's voices. I could remain quiet and allow the situation, and my coworkers years of a single complaint to remain unheard, or I could speak up and we all can face the fallout. I chose to finally speak.

I do not know what future frustration I may have caused us all, and I have beaten myself up over it, but I know now, that in this moment I have learned to speak up, regardless of the outcome. 

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