Thursday, August 28, 2014


Hope is more than a friend that I have met online
It is more than just a tattoo on my shoulder
It is a work in progress, a goal, a stumbling block
a soul aching chasm that I am afraid that I can’t cross.

It is our future.
It is believing that our past will make sense
Hope is everywhere, and it is nowhere.
It is falling down and believing that you can get back up
It is also falling down and staying down, all the while believing, that the tears will subside, and strength will return.

Hope is a cousin to faith
A distant dream coming true
A belief in the unseen
Hope is my deepest most private dreams coming true
Hope is in one day He will return, and I will be ready

Hope is having “that” dream come true {you KNOW which one}
It is a belief that the new year will be kind
That the oceans will never run dry
That the sun will rise and set
That the moon and stars will continue to shine

Hope is a fight to continue
It is the belief that the times after the struggle will be the sweetest
Hope is everything that I wish for coming true

Hope is secretly wanting to be loved
That birthdays and holidays will be loving celebrations and not times of feeling alone and isolated
Hope is a constant struggle
Hope is a feeling of optimism that things will be better
Hope is something that I fight with daily
But slowly it is beginning to teach me it’s ways
The ways of faith, of believing, of dreaming
But mostly of trying
Of reaching out and doing the work inside

Hope is not hiding my talents in the ground
Hope is not born out of fear, but of faith, and courage

{Today I am planting a small seed of hope, and I pray to see it sprout into a dandelion that populates the entire “grass” of my life.}

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I love this xo